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  • 美天生物

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    Compared with the traditional insecticides (organophosphorus, pyrethroids, carbamates), non prednisolone is a new type of benzopyrazole insecticide. It has been widely used in many agricultural fields and is a common insecticide for pest control. At present, in the pet market, the main drugs for the treatment of pet body surface parasites such as lice infection are sprays and drops.

    Applications: mainly used in rice, sugarcane, potatoes and other crops; animal health is mainly used to kill fleas and lice and other parasites on cats and dogs. Flupyrazole containing broad-spectrum insecticides have high activity and wide application range. They are resistant to Hemiptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, pyrethroid and carbamate insecticides, and show high sensitivity. It can be used in rice, cotton, vegetable, soybean, rape, tobacco leaf, potato, tea, sorghum, corn, fruit tree, forest, public health, animal husbandry and so on. It can be used to control rice borer, brown planthopper, rice weevil, cotton bollworm, armyworm, Plutella xylostella, Pieris rapae, cabbage armyworm, beetle, cutting root worm, bulbus nematode, caterpillar, fruit tree mosquito, wheat aphid, coccidia Trichomonas, etc. The recommended dosage is 12.5-150 g / hm2. Field trials on rice and vegetables have been approved in China. The preparation was 5% suspension and 0.3% granule.

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